Before you proceed make sure you've Paddle account and its verified. Unverified Paddle account won't work with our plugins. If you don't, create a Paddle account and verify first.

Please follow the instruction below and take note on your favourite note app.

Paddle Classic

  1. Login to your Paddle account
  2. Head over to Developer > Authentication page and copy the vendor_id
  3. Create a new Auth code. Give it a name so you can understand later and press Generate key button. You'll see newly create key, press Reveal Auth Code button and copy the key.
  4. Now head over to public key page and copy the public key AS IT IS. Copy the key including -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY----- and -----END PUBLIC KEY----- line.

New Paddle Billing

All new Paddle account use the new billing platform. In order to use our plugin with new billing platform follow these steps:

  1. Head over to Developer > Authintication page and copy seller ID.
  2. Copy the Default API key or create a new one. We recommend to create new api key.
  3. New billing portal doesn't have Public Key page but you can access it from here. Copy Public Key from that page.

Instant Notification System (INS) setup

This is the most important part, without this your order and automatic renewal won't work. So make sure you setup it right.

  1. Header over to Developer tools > Events menu.
  2. Under URLs for receiving webhooks set the INS URL you received from the plugin.
  3. Enable all the webhook events listed under Subscription and One-off purchases and press Save.

Domain Approval

Before going live make sure to approve your domain from Paddle from which you would like to launch a Paddle checkout. Without approval you will not be able to launch Inline checkout on your site.